Welcome to Juneau Cayenne, a health-oriented creative agency founded in 2011 with a global portfolio that spans clients of every size.

When Juneau Cayenne started its journey, the agency focused on a broad spectrum of full service capabilities. Today, with a narrowed focus on graphic design, Juneau Cayenne is kick-starting a new era for the firm. Juneau Cayenne is playing where it is best, and that is in creativity. We push things far beyond what you have imagined. We create extraordinary graphic design for our clients in healthcare and life sciences. Our clients across the globe are looking to us for an exceptional creative layer. We are placing creativity at the forefront in a world where audiences are quick to click and swipe. We are eschewing traditional practices that might limit possibilities. We adopt our limitless artistry to create powerful design.


Juneau Cayenne is led by Nicole Verbeeck, a creative entrepreneur with international experience in global health communication and PR. For over a decade, Nicole has led the development of many innovative and some award-winning projects in healthcare. She shows bravery and brilliance and is one who not only has a client’s ear, but also their trust and their heart. Nicole built a jaw-dropping body of work for healthcare brands around the world.

Gifted team

We have a network of designers who are the best in their fields.

Our capabilities include 

Brand identity, book design, campaigns, data visualization, digital design, editorial design, educational graphics, exhibition design, film and motion graphics, industrial/product design, interiors, packaging.