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Unlocking the creative potential of Juneau Cayenne

Nicole Verbeeck - Juneau Cayenne

by Nicole Verbeeck

A month ago

In 2011 I founded Juneau Cayenne with a vision to offer clients across sectors a range of superior communication services they had never experienced before. And we did.

Working with companies across sectors we injected our creativity in many exciting projects. With our grounding in pharmaceuticals, we started to focus on the healthcare industry where we have become expert. Our client list grew, so did our geographic reach. I am proud of what we have created together and the impact we made. We have impressed our customers, we have moved them and sometimes also upset them. Since that's what we do at Juneau Cayenne, we challenge the status quo, we get people and ourselves out of our comfort zones. We go after the things we believe in. And sometimes these things change, because the world changes and we adapt. Today is a great opportunity for us to reconnect to our creative super-power and unlock the full potential of Juneau Cayenne.

In the current challenging environment here is something that makes many of us in advertising, PR, communications nervous. There is a massive need for short-term creativity and effectiveness. This means shrinking budgets and more creative output. More and more companies want to see faster results on their marketing and communication budgets. 

The result is that delivering highly creative long-term brand-building strategies will be replaced by small highly creative executions at every touchpoint of the customer journey. They need to be delivered fast and easy. The future is for creatives who can create big results in power shots. Creatives who master Parkinson's Law can do this. It is described as “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". It means this: we fill the time we have. If we have a lot, we take our time. If we are crunched for time, we are forced to use it efficiently. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, once said, “If you split your day into ten-minute increments, and you try to waste as few of those ten minute increments as possible, you’ll be amazed at what you can get done.”

Juneau Cayenne has the right DNA to operate in a world where we are forced to be more efficient and at the same time highly creative. The future will be about superior creativity delivered at amazing speed. It's not about creating stuff that's less and less creative, but creating stuff that's amazingly creative and delivered fast and now. With our online creative services platform we will be super focused and create great creative output in hours not in days, weeks or months. The result is that clients can get more creative work done and they can reach their customers at every touchpoint of the customer journey. We open up our platform to all sectors and industries and in our speciality hubs for health, food & hospitality and retail we will be providing custom solutions.