Look for people who break the rules

Some time ago, I refreshed the DNA of Juneau Cayenne, I included “a dash of rebellion” into our positioning statement. Today I am making the dash much bigger, since I believe in the potential of rebellion power. Not every client wants it or sees it, but the impact we can make for those who embrace it could be interesting. My own truth is that rebellion leads to top creativity and innovation and more and more companies are looking for it.

It’s nice to be agreeablebut what an innovative organization really needs are positive rebellions and also rebellion agencies. We actually do our clients a favor because our challenge stimulates them to think more broadly and deeply. You will see me a lot talking about creativity in the near future, since it is a competence of importance for the future.

What I have found is the more expert you become in your field, the more mired you are in the rules and that of your clients, and the less likely you are to ask the very important questions which lead to creativity and innovation. 

Neurolinguist Noam Chomsky distinguished between two types of creativity: rule-governed creativity and rule-changing creativity. The first is creativity governed by rules; the second is creativity that changes the rules. 

If you really want to make an impact for your clients, you need to allow the rebel in you and let your creativity allow you to change the rules. It means breaking with the routine, fighting the limits and break, transform and create beyond the norm. You not only liberate your true self, you provide big value to your client and to society.

This vibrant, creative world needs positive rebellions. People who move the needle for you. They don’t do jobs, you don’t give them ‘work’, you bring them in to trigger creativity, innovation, to imagine and invent. They are the ones you want on your speed dial.