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Creativity comes in many forms

That’s the thing about being creative. We are many things. We’re told to pick one narrow niche and stick with it. Well, I have tried. Until I found out it would not work for me. I allowed myself some years of exploration, of developing a diverse set of future scenarios to figure out which one would work best for me. I explored various options, projects, companies at the same time, and compared and contrasted the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. It became clear that my life is not 1 project or 1 company or 1 passion. It’s wonderful to know now that you don’t have to choose one path or expression in your life. It took me some...

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Look for people who break the rules

Some time ago, I refreshed the DNA of Juneau Cayenne, I included “a dash of rebellion” into our positioning statement. Today I am making the dash much bigger, since I believe in the potential of rebellion power. Not every client wants it or sees it, but the impact we can make for those who embrace it could be interesting. My own truth is that rebellion leads to top creativity and innovation and more and more companies are looking for it. It’s nice to be agreeable—but what an innovative organization really needs are positive rebellions and also rebellion agencies. We actually do our clients a favor because our challenge stimulates them to think more broadly and deeply. You will see me a lot...

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